FffAttention! This Wikia is shut down until further notice. Please do contact WCDDoherty with questions.

  1. All Wikia Policies are in effect within the chatroom, but most notably applicable are: Assume Good Faith,Prohibited Content and Spelling & Grammar.
    • Members are expected to treat others with respect and assume actions are well intentioned until proven otherwise (IE: Refusal to comply with rules when violations are brought to the individual's attention)
    • Users are expected to user proper spelling and grammar to the best of their abilities. This means exclusive use of net-speak/chat-speak are forbidden (Lol, TTYL GTG, ect.).
  2. All are in effect within the chatroom, but most notably applicable are: Respect Chatmods/Admins & No Chatspeak.
    • Role playing is not permitted within the chatroom
    • Advertising is forbidden in the chatroom. You may offer URLs if people ask for a specific site type, but no recruiting.
    • No Bullying, It can hurt user's feelings.
    • Please clear any spoilered conversations with the individuals in the chatroom beforehand, and warn individuals newly entering that spoiler material is being discussed.
  3. No personal attacks (aka the No personal attacks Wikipedia Policy).
  4. No disruptive behavior. IE: Spamming, flooding, etc.
  5. Chat contents should maintain no higher than a PG rating. As users younger than 10 would violate COPPA, and Anonymous members may not enter the chat, the G rating of the general wiki is raised for purposes of the chatroom.
  6. Respect your ChatMods. Our ChatMods are: Bat Forever (Also Admin), Finnfionnafan321 and MasterSamuriLU, Z! (Admin) and Perry! (Admin)

Bans can be made by chatmods or administrators in case rules are broken.

  • After the first rule break a ban of at least 3 days must be given (the kickbanned person must be noted down by the moderator/admin and unkickbanned after that period of time)
  • After the second rule break the time should be extended. Also, the chat mod may ask an admin about a possible block if they believe it is needed
  • After the third kickban the chat mod who performed it should talk to an administrator and tell them. You should be able to see previous kickbans on the person's talk page with the template (chat mods/admins kickbanning MUST use) given below
  • If the rules have been broken harshly, the moderator may contact an admin and request to extend the time of kickbanning (also from the first kickban on).
  • The moderator/administrator must leave a message on the talk page of the kickbanned person saying there banned.