This is a page to list the users who get banned from chat/editing and when they get banned. Also this is to log how long they will be banned.ONLY CHAT MODS AND ADMINS sould edit this page. == Blocks == All blocks should be listed below. If you feel a user should be blocked, and no chat moderator is on chat at the time, please print screen the incidence and leave a message on a chat moderator's talk page PLEASE DO NOT DELETE USERS THAT'S BLOCK IS EXPIRED, IT IS PART OF THE PUBLIC RECORD.


This is for use by moderators to tell when someone was blocked, why they were blocked, and how long the block should last for,

Blocked User Reason Of Block Blocked From Block Expiry Blocker
StevenJP915 Threats, Foul Lang, Spamming and S.P. All Apply Wiki Services Never WCDDoherty
KillFeeds OG Spamming Apple Wiki Chat Currently under Discussion by Mods WCDDoherty
BidlyBop Spamming, Sexual lang. Apple Wiki Chat Currently Under Discussion by Mods Finnfionnafan321
FB100Z Spam Apple Wiki Chat Expired WCDDoherty Swearing All Apple Wiki Services Under Discussion By B'crats IRONUPTHEHIDE(Inactive)
LuffyPirateKing Personal Attacks, Swearing, Calling a user "A spamming whore", Internet Preadator, Threats, and Spam All Apple Wiki Services Never WCDDoherty